Still Standing Mens Unisex T shirts


The alarm went off at 5am as it did it every day for the last 2 years.. as usual dreaded the waking up.. Not a morning person. Most of all I hated showing up early and the last one to leave.. But never appreciated.

Barely making $10 minimum wage. A boss that frustrated daily and won't give me a raise.. a decent living.

But this day felt different.. Phone rang. It's was Brian from headquarters...

Yeah, I was getting ready to go in now... What you mean you don't need me to go in? I appreciate you calling.

2 years down the drain... I had no back-up plan... No plan b... No money... I still had to pay rent and live.. I I had nothing. But my faith in God.

One of the hardest times in my life. A lot of hardships.. ups and downs.. Didn't know how I was going to make it most days.. But God brought me through.. He kept me. He blessed me to start my own business. Take control of my own destiny.

No more frustrating boss... No more minimum wage... No more not being appreciated.

Fast forward today... Corona is everywhere... Shut down the whole world... Now millions are out a work... Millions without a plan b... No backup..

I know your pain.. you're trying to make it from day to day..

But as Jesus brought me through.. He'll do the same for you. He'll keep you. He'll work all things together for your good.

This is why I made this
Still Standing Men's Unisex Tee.

After you have done all to stand... Stand therefore... Still stand.

No matter what go through. Don't give up! Trust in God.

Now show the world that you're Still Standing.

⚫ 100% pre-shrunk cotton
⚫ 100% Screen Printed. No vinyl.
⚫ Not available in retail stores.
⚫ Inspired by Ephesians 6:13)
⚫ Great gift for family & friends

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