Dare You to Be Different.

Thank you for stopping by JE Online. (John Ellis Apparel) My name is John Ellis. (JE) I am born again Christians who loves Jesus Christ. 

I grew up in the projects & rough neighborhoods.... I have made alot of mistake in my life... I have also experienced many struggles.. many hardships.

I lost my Pops many years ago... I have been jobless... I've gone through homelessness... Divorce.... & many other terrible situations... But through it all Jesus Christ has never left me... His mercy and grace has kept me.

To kind of give back... I started a Christian & Motivation apparel brand, JE Online. (John Ellis Apparel) My goal is to design clothes that tell my story... sort of like my testimony... so that it will help others to push through their obstacles. I want share with you what God has given me to help overcome.

My goal is that you realize that no matter what you have done.... No matter how far you have fallen in life... Jesus still loves you regardless.

My mission is to share this good news..  I create products that empower, motivate and inspire you... I dare you to be different.... To make a statement... Stand for what you believe.  

Join us now in making better tomorrows. Your purchase helps to win souls in our communities, to fight gun violence, drug addiction, homelessness, cancer, hopelessness and more. 

We hope you have enjoyed your shopping experience. Please visit often to see all our new arrivals.

God bless you. Thanks again.

John Ellis
JE Online 

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